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When I was little, according to my mum, it took me a long time to walk; it seems I delayed fighting gravity to the fullest. I enjoy being on the ground, as well as the organic movement, the one that seems to come naturally. Sometimes I want to be Trisha Brown, other times Pina Bausch, often I am Pippi Långstrump. I was born in Albacete in August 1979. Currently, I live in Valencia, I have also lived in England, Japan, Mexico, and Lebanon. I took my first dance classes at the age of seven with Pilar Soria. Until I was eighteen, I studied Ballet and Spanish Dance at the Conservatory of Albacete. They said I wasn’t good enough. So, I studied Journalism in Salamanca. In 2001, I moved to Barcelona thanks to a Séneca scholarship. There, I began my training in Contemporary Dance, studies that I completed with a BA at the London Contemporary Dance School (2003-06) and with the Takween program in Beirut (2009). I am persistent and a bit reckless, I must say.